My Story

Back to when I was still in middle school, I used to be part of a regional swimming club in Italy. During the week, we would train at the local pool, and during the weekends, we would go to competitions. I remember feeling the muscle ache after the training sessions, the stress before the race in the changing room and how all this would channel into a strength that would push me as soon as I would hit the water.

I can surely say this was the start of my passion, that moment when you connect a great feeling or emotion to a certain activity or action. In my case it was training. Perhaps at the time I was just considering swimming as my way to go but as I grew up and looked around, I noticed there was more to grasp.

During my teenage years I moved to live in Switzerland and got into other sports such as basketball, volleyball and football. Thanks to the exercise regimen used to do for basketball I discovered the satisfaction that training with weights was giving me. Working out in the gym was a mean to reach an objective, and every time I would spend my afternoons there I would feel like I was moving a step closer to reaching my goal of improving as a player.

Set backs come for everybody, and mine was a herniated disc between the TH11-TH12 vertebrae. After one year of recovery and physiotherapy, in 2013 I was ready to start again where I left off. I had to learn to do things always keeping in mind that I couldn’t have been the best version of myself. Was that true though? Well, according to the doctor it was, just like the suggestion of giving up professional sports.

I started to research and learn how to continue training considering that now my body had to be taken care of more than before. I wanted to continue feeling as good as I used to in the gym, even though now I didn’t have to compete. I wanted to do it for myself, I owed it to myself.

After working as a football coach for a while I decided that I wanted to share with people the same feeling I had when I was training, and mostly to help people develop heathy habits that would improve their overall life enjoyment and health. I got my diploma as personal trainer from ISSA and moved to London to study Sport and Exercise Nutrition at Westminster.

Fast forward to 2017, this is when I decided to follow my path. To me this is more than a website, it’s the start of a movement with which I hope to reach out to as many people as possible and spread the education for a healthy leaving not only related to working out, but a overall mind-body health balance to improve ones feelings. It touched me how many people live without being able to tap in their true strength and change their body for the better. This is the place where people can relate and find the tools to embark on their life-changing journey to achieve the body they deserve.

My Qualifications:

  • BA Business Management
  • MSc Sport & Exercise Nutrition
  • “Essentials of Nutrition” Diploma
  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer